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tv   Today  NBC  June 12, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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♪ wash my love tidal wave ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks a lot. >> carson: that was thee oh sees, and their latest disc is called "carrion crawler/the dream."
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it is out now. in fact, we'll treat you to one more from thee oh sees right after the break. >> carson: hey, quick shout-out to jingle punks for providing us with some of the coolest production music. for more on them, check out ♪ [ male announcer ] it's back again at red lobster, but not for long! your very own four course seafood feast for just $14.99. start your feast with a soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. next, enjoy a salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then get your choice of one of 7 entrees. like new coconut and pineapple shrimp shrimp and scallops alfredo or new honey bbq shrimp. then finish with something sweet. your complete four course seafood feast just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. c[ female announcer ] windex multi-surface uh oh!! lets you keep up with messes right when they happen. so you can put that windex shine -- on just about anything. get windex multi-surface and keep up.
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you'll earn double miles on every purchase, every day! [ visigoths cheer ] hawaii, here we come. [ alec ] so sign up today for a venture card at and start earning double. [ all ] double miles! [ brays ] what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. ♪ >> carson: that's gonna do it for tonight's "last call." big thanks to all of our guests.
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piers morgan, caskey and mick ebeling, and of course, everybody here at sadie for having us. when we say good-bye, we're going to send you back to red 7 in austin, texas. for our final music of the night, performing "meat step lively," once again, thee oh sees. thanks for watching. we'll see you soon. >> one, two, three. ♪ ♪ scratched up and busy he's overrated and he thinks about himself ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ scratched up and busy he's overrated and he thinks about himself ♪ ♪ no one can save him lost in a fog and outside in when he wishes he wish ♪ ♪ to rebegin but that is far from the truth at the start he couldn't find the heart ♪ ♪ to up and bear the fruit ♪ ♪ ♪
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> hello, everybody! yes, it's the beginning of the
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week fun day monday, june 11th. hope you had a great weekend. >> it's flying already, june is flying. on fire. you were busy this weekend. >> i'm working, working. working hard and hope to have something to say about it in the coming days, weeks ahead. >> you were in jersey. >> yes. in the middle of working and working on the musical i've been working on for a long time. went to new jersey saturday night. went with frank and cassidy. two of our friends were being inducted amongst 11 people into the new jersey hall of fame. we went over to the new jersey performing arts center in newark, which is a beautiful facility. i felt incredibly honored, too. i'm not wearing the same dress. this is a similar one with. i broke the zipper on the other dress i was going to wear today and this is all i had. those three beautiful people
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there are christopher reeves' children. his daughter alexandra and his son matthew and his son will. boy, they're all like 6'3". will is a school friend of cassidy's for the last five or six years. so although i was not close friends with christopher reeve, i loved him. everybody did. when you're asked to introduce somebody, it's a little awkward. i could introduce you, but i remembered once interviewing him. with regis. he was talking about his equestrian. i said are you ever afraid? he said something about the fact that the worst thing you can do in life is being afraid of not living it. it dawned on me the real paralysis in this world is fear. and he never let the body paralysis to keep him from -- so anyway, what a beautiful legacy
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he left behind in these three children. frank inducted willington mera of the giants. >> i went to the hamptons and i was drinking. that was my weekend. >> you got hammered again. >> i didn't get hammered. >> one of us is living a meaningful life. >> the other is sitting at tables -- >> is that deutchman? >> yeah. >> it was a bunch of people at the palm in east hampton. >> deutchman picked up the tab. >> he did. >> he had to. the only one that can afford that many people at the palm this week. >> we posed a question to you guys last week about sleeping in the nude, do you think it's normal or not normal sleeping in the nude? 89% of our viewers agree that sleeping in the nude is normal. there were so many comments on our website. it exploded. the story was viewed 76,000 time. people are interested. >> no clothes in bed ever. doesn't matter where, home,
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friends, places, hotels, even when camping. >> what if a bear comes? >> well, aha. >> my mom did not like it when she visited. >> bed clothes are restricting. started wearing nothing in college when i realized i was the only one in a nightgown. still not wearing one and my husband is good. >> speaking of nudy, madonna. >> madonna, madonna. >> she was in a concert in turkey and she intentionally flashed her breast. you'll see it in a moment. are we showing it? >> i think we'll bleep it. >> then she pulls the whole thing off. >> well, everyone seems to squeal with delight.
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>> no fear. >> we're used to madonna being outrageous. we love her spokesperson. >> why would she do that? liz rosenberg said something funny. >> the nipple is enough of a statement this week, laugh out loud. and is there anyone who hasn't seen madonna's nipples at this point? that's right. it's not big news. >> before the halftime when she did the halftime at the super bowl she said you don't have to show your nipples to be interesting. it doesn't mean you're cutting edge if you do. >> madonna and i are getting up in the world and forget some of the things we said in the past. it's a natural part of the aging process. >> how about lady gaga on stage? >> i heard about this, but i didn't see. we are about to see the video. >> she got hit in the head with a pole her backup dancer was holding. look at it.
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she was in new zealand. she's okay, by the way. >> oh, my lord. >> all right. >> apparently she did have a concussion. performed 16 more songs. >> that's one of those things i think if you hurt yourself or fall or something in public, you know how you stand up like it's nothing. >> if you're a pro, you keep going. >> i've fallen down the stairs, wiped out and my knees are bleeding and you're like, are you fine and i'm laughing hysterically. >> i was petting a horse with reg and it took a big bite out of my hands. went to commercial and i went, ah! i don't know, hoda. i'm excited today. you know who is here? one of my favorite people. patrick duffy is here from "dallas." he's requested a glass of red wine. >> did he? >> yes, he did. i don't care what the other ones want. >> he looks incredibly hot. >> the tony awards. i never stay up past 9:00.
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ever. stayed up for the tony awards last night because i love theater. it was the 66th annual. neil patrick harris, just give him the gig. he's so good. do we have a little bit of him performing? the opening number, if your life were a musical. i love this for him. ♪ ♪ there were crazy dance routines ♪ >> "once" stole the show. >> we called that, i think. won eight tonys out of 11. >> steve won the best actor in a musical. he gave a very emotional breakdown. remember when he was here performing with some of the cast, he found out that day his mom had entered hospice. he was a total pro and did our show. she did actually pass away on easter sunday. a very emotional speech.
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we thought this was going to get clyburn park about race and real estate. what is funnier than that? "peter and the starcatcher" won five. and best musical revital which was not such a surprise but the gershwins' porgy and bess. >> if you don't remember she bid on hugh jackman's sweaty t-shirt. he wore it and sweat in it and she took it in a ziplock and snipped it and owns it. >> you sniffed it. we sniffed it on the air because it's good for television. >> you're right. >> congratulations to him. bernadette peters on the the isabel stevens award. adriana was very good in "venus
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and fur" and beat out tracy bennett and linda lavin. >> that "venus and fur" was like "50 shades of gray" on stage. >> which i still haven't read. >> it's kind of like that. don't look at me like i loved it. i am just making an observation. it is graduation speech time. sometimes when i'm in a funk i will google graduation speeches and watch them because it puts new a good mood, you feel inspired. >> who does that? >> i do. >> the guy who wrote this high school graduation speech in the boston area, said kids, you're not that special. you're not that big of a deal. it's lots of you. >> david mccullough jr. >> across the country no fewer than 3.2 million seniors are graduating about now from 37,000 high schools. that's 37,000 valedictorians,
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37,000 class presidents. you see? if everyone is special, no one is. if everyone gets a trophy, trophies become meaningless. we americans come to love accolades more than genuine achievement. we've come to see them as the point. and we are happy to compromise standards and ignore reality if we suspect that is the quickest way or only way to have something to put on the mantle piece, something to pose with, crow about, something which to leverage ourselves into a better spot on the social totem pole. >> i'm going, yes! >> that's depressing. >> i agree with him. >> it's a funny speech.
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a lot of kids were laughing throughout. >> kids enjoyed it. trophies do become meaningless if everyone wins it. who knows who deserves and who doesn't. they are what they are. >> can we send love to a very good friend of ours who we adore. >> gosh, yeah. >> robin roberts announced on her show this morning. she battled breast cancer five years ago. she revealed she has a bone marrow disorder. >> they call it a preleukemia condition. >> her sister sally-ann roberts is a perfect match. robin is saying her doctors are going to beat this and she knows it's true. she is such a fighter. >> she is such a great woman. >> she is a sweetheart. we wish her all the best in all the world. more than that, we have other favorite things. i'll do mine first. >> i just recently started having to wear reading glasses,
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which is awful. jo-ann, one of our producers here said these are great because these are shades with bifocals. >> you just got those this morning. >> no, i didn't. what makes you say that? >> here's the cool thing. i'm reading and looking in the sun. i'm reading. sometimes you have to have glasses to read. they are $19.99 and you get them at the drug store. it's really nice. >> thank you, joanne. i have a surprise for you. i've been friends with the lennon sisters forever. love, love, love them. kathie and janet. remember they had their whole best pals got beautiful, adorable rag dolls. i have one for hannah. guess what? we have one for mella. this is a little ethiopian one. vintage rag doll. >> i love it. >> it's $39.90 on qvc. there is a little note in here
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for you. >> that is so great. >> i love the ladies. >> thank you. that is so sweet. >> i love these dolls are making a comeback in the world. >> i am so excited. >> you can give to ella. >> hi, guys. my favorite thing is this talbot tea set. you know when you go to visit people or a party? it's a unique gift. you pick between three flavors of tea, a honey stick. >> you got it, girl. >> they are hoping to strike oil twice. >> it was a busy weekend in the world of entertainment. we'll have the latest buzz with andy cohen. our cells plays a ke throughout our entire lives. ♪
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smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. we are back with "today's
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buzz" bringing you up to speed on all the celebrity news you might have missed over the weekend. >> weddings to awards. andy cohen, co-host of bravo's "watch what happens live." the author of the book "most talkative" a memoir. >> congratulations. >> it's not easy to get on that "new york times" list. you've been on it for multiple weeks. >> good. i'll be at mall of america later tonight, everybody. see you there. >> they are a big crowd there. >> good. >> let's talk about madonna flashing. >> is it news when it's madonna? >> i have seen the woman's nipple. i could draw it so well after all the times i've seen it. it looked like she was having fun. i'm going to show it, all right. whatever. she's singing "human nature." >> is it desperate? >> i think she was having fun. you are in a youtube moment where you cannot do anything around the world without us talking about it on the "today show" the next day. you brought up she said earlier
2:29 am
in the year, you don't have to flash your nipples to get attention. >> what about lady gaga? >> the backup dancer hits her on the head with the pole by mistake. >> what's the injury status? >> apparently she is okay. she went on with her other 16 songs. this was during "judas." >> hopefully the wig cushioned it. >> we don't have to show it again. we've got it. wedding news. >> yes. matthew mcconaughey and mila have been together a long time. she hosted "sheer genius" for bravo. she is so gorgeous. their wedding sounds like a blast. it may still be going on down there. they set up really fancy tents on his property.
2:30 am
>> in texas? >> it's in texas, in austin, texas. guy fieri made a lot of food on sunday. i don't know if the groom and bride slept in the tent but a lot of guests did. they recited their own vows which they wrote themselves and whispered to each other. what are you looking at? >> nothing. i'm listening. >> she is tuned in. >> well, who wouldn't? come on. somebody overslept a little bit this morning. >> where were you in the hamptons this weekend? >> i was. >> of course you were. >> you were at the palm. >> i know. tv last night. a lot of things to watch. >> tonys, "mad men." "true blood." i'm glad you pointed out steve kazee's speech. cleaned up with amazing performances. i thought the show was snoozy with the exception of neil patrick harris was great.
2:31 am
mike nichols won for "death of the salesman" and best play was "clyborn." >> and she played aimee in my musical. >> matthew broderick was overlooked. that show is so great. it's selling out. the crowds are going mental. >> it's got all that gershwin music everyone loves. it's funny. it's got the clever book by the guy that did "memphis." >> you teach me things every day. >> now we've got to go. that's it. no more time for you. >> patrick duffy does look great. >> you were tweeting about him. >> i was. you don't miss a thing.
2:32 am
>> i'm on it. >> scaring me. >> i said he looks great. >> you do, too go back to bed. up next, find out if you're our newest fan of the week. >> "dallas" is back. [ boy voice ] what happened to my sub? [ girl voice ] i dunno. hey chief, did you take my sub? [ boy voice ] no. this one's got avocado on it. oh, mine had avocado on it! wow, how bout that? well, i don't. i'll help you find yours when i'm done. thanks. wow... [ male announcer ] get your own subway chipotle steak and cheese with avocado. the rich, superfood! or add it to your favorite sub. it's avocado season at subway.
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our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents.
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and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. we are back to make one fan's monday a real fun day with our fan of the week. >> sara found a fan different than the last few. >> our winner this week is a guy. he's jason leinweber who watches on our nbc affiliate. watching you is part of his routine as brushing his teeth. he scheduled his 10:00 happy hour with his favorite tv gals. his favorite part of the show is the joy fit club because he lost more than 100 pounds. >> he's got portraits of us there. >> he needs to redo kathie. >> hearing other people's stories keeps him motivated to working out.
2:37 am
he loves ihoda and would love to take over the play list of the day. >> back off. >> congratulations. we are sending you and a friend to beaver creek, colorado. >> one of my favorite places on the earth. >> they'll enjoy a four-night stay at the borders lodge. this includes a chair-lift ride to bruce saddle, a $250 gift card, swedish massages and round-trip air fare for two. >> i hope he does it before fall. it is so gorgeous there in the summertime. >> is it really? >> the baskets, the window boxes because there is no pollution and you're so high up, very few bugs and things, you get poppies this big. they're glorious. giddy-up. >> go to klg&
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5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. we are back on this fun day monday with more of "today." that's the famous iconic theme from "dallas" the drama that ran from 1978 to 1991. what a run. >> the ewing clan is back. this time it's j.r.'s son john ross and bobbie's christopher knocking heads on the prospect of drilling for oil in the south fork ranch. take a look. >> if i'm right, we are sitting on a couple of billion barrels of light sweet crude, the most sought-after crude oil in the world. >> this will make us richer than we ever imagined, uncle body. >> i'm sick to death of this family devouring itself to death over money. this is exactly what i didn't want to happen. >> but it makes good tv when it does.
2:41 am
here are patrick duffy, brenda strong, josh henderson and jordana brewster. good to see all of you. >> it's so good to be here. >> we are toasting your success already because it's getting so much buzz. >> it's crazy, isn't it? >> who would have thought dallas would have come back? this is one of those things you thought we had seen that day. what made you decide to bring it back? >> the script eventually. we rolled our eyes for 20 years when suggestions are made, oh, no. i read some scripts and they were awful. >> you weren't too keen on the other movies, you did, as well. >> larry and i produced the worst one ever. i figured if we didn't know how to do it, who knew how to do it? i thought it was a done deal, would never be done again. >> okay. ask them questions. >> poor brenda. >> brenda lost her voice. how did this happen? >> we've been traveling around talking so much and just
2:42 am
exhaustion, i don't know. >> you're another story. you're a party animal amongst the cast. >> she is the party girl. >> i think all "desperate housewives" fans know my voice. >> you're the new one on the scene. victoria principal is not on the show. what's it like when everyone knows the other characters so well? >> it's so much fun. they rolled out the welcome mat. we have great scripts. it's fun to shoot in dallas. >> she has the hardest job on the show. she has to fulfill a role played by the perfect wife for the perfect guy. i don't mean me personally. give me another one of these and you can be the perfect wife for the perfect guy. i mean that's a terrible job to have.
2:43 am
she is always going to be compared in the beginning, is she as good as pamela was? i'm here to tell you she is. >> we are looking forward to it. >> going down the line, josh, you play j.r.'s kid. >> yeah. >> you have a lot of his traits, your character does. you're not as good. >> i'm still learning. >> making some mistakes, i would think? >> john ross is a very passionate guy about oil and about the whole ewing legacy. he has big shoes to fill living to live up to j.r. and his business ethics. he really admires who j.r. is. i guess the respect he demands from his peers. at the end of the day, it's a tough job. >> jordana, what trouble are you brewing? >> oh! >> elen a's does teenage does get a lot of action. i have a fun role in this. >> a lot of -- do you two goat together? >> we get together. i'm with john ross who is a bad boy and also christopher. >> of course you are. somebody has to do the duel job. >> i'm waiting for the pool party. >> it will probably last another
2:44 am
13 series. >> from your lips. >> there you go, baby. great to see you again. feel better, brenda. >> you can catch it wednesday night on tnt at 9:00. >> what a dad's love can do for his daughter. [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life. bring it with bounty basic. affordably priced. tested by everyday life. and try bounty napkins. ♪
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our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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conventional wisdom tells us fathers are role models for sons, but for a daughter, a dad will always be the most important man in her life. >> strong fathers, strong daughters, the 30-day challenge is a practical plan for becoming the best dad ever. the author is pediatrician meg meeker who raised three daughters and a son herself. >> i enjoyed this book. i was able to read quite a bit of it. i think you're spot on about this. what should the main reason that a father is so important to his daughter? >> well, he's her first exposure
2:49 am
to male love. think about it. when a little girl is born, dad holds her and he feels differently than when mom holds her. he smells different. his voice is deeper. there is that sense of security and protection. >> his hands alone cradle you in a different way. >> i've seen a baby crying and mom will be jostling her. you hand her to dad and she calms right down. >> it's interesting. you saw fathered should be the man their daughter wants to marry. i thought that was awesome. be that guy. >> so she will be looking for him. >> exactly. daughters look toward how a man not only treats them but they look how a father treats the mother. >> and the people around him. everyone. >> there is a psychological phenomena where girls gravitate what they know later in life, not what they want. that's why where a dad is critical, he's got a bad temper and end up marrying a man like that because that's the
2:50 am
familiar. it's so deep. girls who grow up with a dad who is a kind man, who is patient, who believes in her and is smart, that's the man she is going to marry. it's a high call for a dad. >> a lot of fathers are working a lot. they are busy, come home, they are tired. the time for nurturing and spending all that time isn't really there. what's a man like that to do? >> so many men say that. i'm not around my daughter. what i tell dads, get the big stuff right. daughters carry their fathers with them even when he's not around. even though dad's at work, his daughter is thinking about him and pondering him. it's most important just to make sure the time you're with your daughter is important. >> take her to lunch. >> shopping. we never think of fathers doing that.
2:51 am
>> men don't like that. they don't. that's one movie challenges, take her to a mall. enter her world. let her know you want her company. you want to be with her. so many dads, i wrote the 30-day challenge because dads are okay, i want to be a better dad, but what do i do? give me a plan? so i have a plan. >> you start with what? what's the first thing do you? >> one of the first things you do is sit down and decide to be intentional in your relationship with your daughter. a lot is about disconnecting from electronics and taking your daughter out of the home. take her dancing. if you don't know how to dance, learn to dance. take her out to dinner. take her rock climbing. spend a weekend out in the woods or find a rock climbing wall. it's really all about being intentional.
2:52 am
put it on your calendar. so many dads want to do things with their daughters, but times go by. >> should it be a one-on-one? they have multiple kids. >> they can be. if you have three daughters like we did in our home, it's okay to take two or three girls at the same time. it's important. the whole point of the book is i believe if i could let dads know who they are from behind their daughter's eyes, their lives would never be the same. it's really true. >> practical, but it's great. >> whether he get a whole perspective who their daughters in. dads are intimidated, self-esteem is low. >> if they start when they are young, they won't be so intimidated. frank was grateful he had that time to take cass to school every morning. >> ten minutes in the car and i guarantee you she thought about him all throughout her day. >> she does. thank you. it's a terrific book. a great father's day gift. >> we get into gear with gadgets. ♪ papa's got a brand-new bag >> good morning, i'm meteorologist crystal yeager with the weather channel. we have a system slowly moving to the east. it's still going to bring quite a bit of rain across the
2:53 am
southeast and all the way into the northeast this time around after drying out for just a couple of days. it's not going to last very long. meanwhile, pretty quiet with the exception of the pacific northwest. our temperatures are hottest and the december ert northwest. the heat is on right now. 70 in minneapolis, 70 in chic o chicago. it's not going to stall temperatures all that much. we're still watch for showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. these are all areas where we really need the rain. to it is beneficial in some ways. we had too much of a good thing over the weekend, especially there in pensacola, beach. next system starts to track across the high planes. we'll watch for showers and thunderstorms there. look at phoenix. it's that time of year. 107. drying out in southern california on thursday, not too bad, but temperatures will be struggling with the morning clouds.
2:54 am
90, however in denver. we need some rain here because we have wild fires burning. it remains dry in the fores foreseeable future. friday, showers and storms across the northeast. so beautiful weather with highs near 80 degrees in new york city. on saturday, we're going to clear out nicely here. 82 in atlanta. temperatures will warm into the 80s here back in to salt like city. we're going to stay in that triple degree stretch for the next week here. a few showers on sunday across the northern and the western lakes. but theest rest of the country looking pretty quiet. you can find the latest weather updates weekday morning. wake up with al and stephanie right here on the weather channel at 6:00 a.m. [dumbfounded] well, we... doesn't last long does it? listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. so you can get a lot done without refills. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so don't just stand there holding your lattes, boys.
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make your move. we'll take the 5-hour energy. smart move. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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the big day is fast approaching. if you haven't had time to find
2:57 am
the perfect gift for dad, matt is here with a few great ideas. how are you, matt? >> we are not going to break the bank either. >> money is tight with folks. >> you can't go wrong with golf balls. >> especially if you give him a monogramer. if he's like me the ball will end up three, four fairways over from where he's aiming. sometimes it helps to have his initials on them. >> men love their own balls, hoda. >> i knew that was coming. >> you have to. they do. >> only about $22. this allows him to put his personal stamp on all his balls. >> and thus find them. okay. >> moving on to the razor. >> gillette. fusion pro glide. with a beard it's difficult to get precision edges around the scruff. if dad wants to clean up that scruff, this is a great way to do it. only $20. three attachments you can put
2:58 am
on. >> 20 bucks. you don't throw it away, do you? >> put new batteries in it and you're good to go. >> kyle will ride through and show this. >> bye-bye, kyle. >> come back around again. one more time. >> what is that i hear? >> i heard this song. >> "the sound of an angel." >> a kathie lee tune. >> you got him the cd which of course you did last year you can get this box, put it on your bike. not only is it a hands-free blue tooth phone, you can put it on your bike. >> there will be something in your stocking. >> this is one of my favorite gifts. it's a great iphone or ipad add-ones that takes the camera and takes it to a next level.
2:59 am
a 360 degree video recorder. let's say he's at an action sports event or concert or great backyard barbecue. 50 bucks, pop it on your iphone, ipad. when you play it back, scan around and see the action. >> unbelievable. >> this is a grill. all guys like these. >> what do you give dad but the gift of grilled meat. this is a company called picnic time. check out the package here. it's a slim fold-up grill. a nice grill great. it unfolds in a senate it has a carrying case. >> how fabulous for tailgating. >> i love it because it's about charcoal. >> how much does that cost? >> about $40. >> what are these? >> luggage scales from restoration hardware. you want to make sure you can get the maximum luggage on the plane. pop it on here. see how much that package weighs. >> and we have a picture of you and your dad.


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